8 Qualities to Look For in a Water Bottle

8 Qualities to Look For in a Water Bottle

Published: Mar 06, 2021

Drinking a lot of water is fundamental to stay healthy. The human body is mainly composed of water, and so we need adequate fluid to function. Nowadays, there are a lot of water bottles of different kinds that have been introduced on the market to satisfy the needs of the consumer.

Many people invest in reusable water bottles because they're safer, more cost-effective than plastic, and convenient. Besides, they help protect the environment as they reduce the plastic burdens on landfills, oceans, and dumps. Hence, it's ideal to have a water bottle as it encourages you to drink water more often to ensure you're duly hydrated at all times. However, when buying one, what are the qualities to look for in order to satisfy your needs and preferences?

Begin by checking the different qualities of the water bottle, such as the materials, lid options, whether it is easy to clean, its design, insulation, handiness, or the right size to hold enough water supply throughout the day. Regardless of the features, choose a water bottle that works best for you and fits your purpose.

When choosing a water bottle, it's beneficial that you determine its purpose and where you are going to use it. In this article, we will be discussing the different qualities of reusable water bottles that you can choose from to answer your needs.

8 qualities to look for in a water bottle

With so many qualities in a water bottle to choose from, pick yours according to your purpose. Is it for camping and hiking? Will it be used at the gym or in an office? Determine your preferences in sizes, materials, drinking nozzles, designs, insulation, handiness, and check whether a bottle is dishwasher-safe.

Let's go into further detail.

  • Material

Plastic bottles are typically lighter and more durable than stainless steel bottles. Meanwhile, stainless steel dents more easily but is typically insulated. This means that you can keep your water cool for hours contrary to plastic bottles.

One other thing to consider with plastic bottles is the use of Bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics. Thus, don't reuse plastic bottles because they will leak chemicals into your water unless the label says they are BPA-Free. Many bottle manufacturers make their bottles without BPA for this purpose.

  • Size

This one should be pretty obvious. Once you've identified where you will be using your water bottle, find one that can hold enough water for your preferred activity. Most water bottles come in a 16 or 32-ounce capacity. You can go with 16-ounce water bottles if you use your bottle at the office, where you have free access to more water.

We recommend using a 32-ounce water bottle capacity if water is not easy to acquire throughout the day. If you're active on the weekend, with long hikes or bicycle rides, but spend most of your day in an office, you may want to purchase both sizes. Think about your lifestyle and needs to determine which option makes the most sense for you.

  • Shape

Another quality to look for in a water bottle is its shape. It's important to choose the correct shape depending on the activity you'll partake in. For example, water bottles that are slender, lighter, and fit comfortably in your hand are ideal for running. While hiking, water bottles should be larger and hold more water. However, if you plan to keep it on the side sleeve of your backpack for easy access, make sure it is slender enough to fit.

  • Ease to clean

If you're using your water bottle day and night, make sure it's clean. Not washing your bottle won't exactly create germs. So, do yourself a favor and pick a bottle that's easy to clean. Luckily, today, many options are dishwasher-safe, so make sure to check that.

Dishwasher-safe means that the bottle has been treated to ensure that the prolonged high temperatures of the dishwasher, and highly effective detergents, don't compromise the items and cause them any damage.

  • Motivating to use

There are bottles with metrics that show you how much you have consumed throughout the day so that you can track your water intake to hit your target.

Whether you go with handy and lightweight ones, or insulated bottles that keep your water cold, or even a giant bottle that holds your water supply for the entire day, go for a product that helps you stay motivated to keep drinking and that works best for you.

Here are some of the dependable bottles that are available on the market today.

  • Stainless steel

Stainless steel water bottles are trendy and stylish. They're a bit heavy, yet lightweight, and will never leech any chemicals into your water. They are also resistant to rust and mold. They come in different colors, designs, and sizes. Plus, they are well-insulated, which keeps your drink at a consistent temperature longer.

Though, stainless steel bottles can get dented and get pretty hot when they sit in the sun. Plus, they sometimes leave a metallic aftertaste.

  • Glass

A glass water bottle is a lot heavier to carry yet takes all the best parts of a standard drinking glass — a clean taste, dishwasher-safe, trendy style, and it doesn't leach any chemicals.

However, it is easy to break, heats up in warm temperatures, is not suitable on certain occasions, and certainly more expensive than other materials if you want a glass water bottle that's resistant and won't shatter.

  • Aluminum

Hikers, cyclists, and other outdoorsy people benefit the most from using an aluminum water bottle. These lightweight and durable bottles usually have a larger ounce capacity, meaning you can have much water for a longer period. Plus, they are often less expensive than the trendier, heavy stainless bottles. However, aluminum isn't always dishwasher-safe, it heats up in warm temperatures, and leaves a bitter, metallic taste most of the time.


5 reasons why you should choose a reusable water bottle

The biggest advantage of bottled water is that it's safe, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, durable, and convenient. By investing in a reusable water bottle, you could not only improve your health, but also help save and protect the environment as well.

The following factors are some reasons why you should pick a reusable water bottle.

  • It benefits your health

When you drink water from a reusable bottle, you're avoiding the chemicals and effects you would find in plastic bottles. Indeed, as previous mentioned, single-use plastic bottles contain a chemical called BPA (Bisphenol A), which could be harmful to your health, unless your bottle is BPA-free. Plus, a reusable water bottle makes it extra easy for you to get your targeted dose of water per day and obtain the benefits of staying hydrated. 

Staying well-hydrated:

  • Increases your energy and brain function;

  • Helps maintain your body's regularity;

  • Removes body's toxins and other unwanted substances;

  • Treats ailments,

  • Improves your skin complexion, inside and out;

  • Helps you lose weight.


With disposable water bottles, you're limited in terms of your target water consumption since you have to make a trip to the store to buy more. Because of inconveniences like these, you'll likely end up drinking less overall.

  • It's good for the environment

Switching to reusable water bottles is an ideal way to do your part to help reduce the plastic burden and pollution crisis to protect the environment and marine life. The temptation to purchase a drink in a plastic container or use a single-use plastic bottle could be hard to resist at times. But, so you know just how much making the switch matters, you could save money using a reusable bottle while helping limit the negative impact of plastic water bottles on the environment.

  • It helps save money

Aside from health and environmental benefits, reusable water bottles provide many other advantages that single-use plastic bottles don't. For one, reusable bottles are better for your finances. Indeed, using a reusable water bottle is cheaper than constantly buying water bottles. Beverages are quite expensive to buy from time to time when you're out, but if you've brought your own, that's more money in your pocket.

  • It's durable

Reusable water bottles are far more durable than plastic water bottles. Wherever you're using your bottle, you can rely on it to be sturdy and not flimsy, contrary to plastic ones. Plus, you can refill and reuse it easily. When you're ready to clean your bottle, just wash it with liquid soap, and fill it back up.

Reusable water bottles can last for years when you take care of them. The durability of the bottle makes it more appealing to use.

  • You can choose special features

Reusable water bottles offer desirable features, such as special caps, colors, sizes, unique shapes, styles, and other specific features to make hydration more convenient. Most offer spouts or straps, handles, or clips that make it easier to drink without dealing with a separate lid.

Moreover, leak-proof bottles keep you dry when you're drinking water on-the-go, and an integrated clip lets you easily attach your water bottle to a backpack or belt while you're hiking or walking. Also, an insulating sleeve keeps your water cooler for longer. You can even get a customized bottle that can fit your lifestyle and purpose.



With so many qualities to look from in a water bottle, starting with the size, material, drinking nozzles, and designs, you can choose the one that best works for you. Most importantly, make sure you have identified your goal and purpose to make your bottle worthwhile.

Above all, staying hydrated should be the crucial point for carrying a water bottle with you at all times.

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