Best Camping Hammock Of 2021

Best Camping Hammock Of 2021

Published: Aug 31, 2020

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Are you tired of camping on the ground? Would you like to take your hiking experience on another level? Would you like to get cozy in between trees? If your answer is yes to all the questions, then maybe it's the best time for you to check out what a hammock can do for you.

We've tested more than 30 of the best hammocks in the market today. With the help of our exciting campers, we've evaluated the hammocks based on their weight, holding capacity, comfort, ease of set-up, versatility, protection, and durability.

In this article, you'll find the products that will suit your need. We've summarized the best overall hammock, best products that can accommodate 2 people, most portable hammocks, cheap hammocks, best products with mosquito net, and kids hammock.

Best Hammock Our Quick Answer:

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Best Overall Camping Hammock

1. Hennessy Hammock Ultralite Backpacker Zip

Weight: 2lbs
Capacity: 200lbs
Materials: 30D and 70D High-density Nylon

Out of all the hammocks we’ve tested, we were very much satisfied with what Hennessy Hammock has to offer. With their Ultralite Backpacker, we were able to sleep comfortably during the day, at night, and even when it was heavily raining. This product has proven to be durable, reliable, and comfortable for all of us.

What We Like

There are only a handful of hammocks available in the market that offers an ultra-lightweight product that can give you full protection. The entire kit of the Hennessy Hammock Ultralite Backpacker only weighs 2lbs along with its accessories. We’ve found that there are lightweight hammocks that can compete with the weight of the Ultralite, but it doesn’t include straps or rain fly.

Setting up this hammock can be a bit troublesome at first. We’ve followed the instructions provided at the back of the product, but some of our campers found it difficult to understand. You may also find it hard to pull the cords tightly and hold the tension since it’s only around 4mm. 

If you choose to buy this product, we suggest that you watch the videos of Hennessy Hammock and practice doing it in your backyard first. After a couple of tries and set-ups during our camping trip, our team was able to smoothly arrange everything.
At first, we thought that we wouldn’t feel comfortable in the Ultralite Backpacker since the design is asymmetrical. However, with the right adjustment and pitch, we were able to lie down and sleep comfortably whether we were on our sides, curled up like a baby, or on our backs.

The height accommodation of this product is up to 6” only. So if you’re about 5’8 or 5’9, we recommend that you choose a longer model. In terms of versatility, we love how the Hennessy Hammock was able to cater to both zippered-entry and bottom-entry.

The rain fly is a bit small, with just the same size as the hammock, which means there’s a possibility that you can get wet when it rains. Although the company was able to minimize this with how they enabled the rainfly to move along with the hammock. This means that if your hammock starts to turn on one side, the rain fly will move with it.

The Ultralite Backpacker is made from nylon which is why it’s ultra-lightweight and pretty durable. Hennessy Hammock included a SnakeSkin cover which helps protect your hammock from getting wet or dirty. Plus, they’ve added an innovative idea where there are two rain catchment funnels at the end of the rain fly. 

These rain funnels act as another measure for protection. When it rains, it can hold down the rain fly while it’s collecting water. Also, we were happy to know that when we used this on our last camp, we had two full bottles of water in the morning.

What We Don’t Like

The tree straps included in this hammock are a bit short which can cover a tree that has 12” in diameter. If you’re surrounded by large trees, then you might have a problem. You can upgrade these straps to the 72” or 96” for free if you buy directly from Hennessy. 

Overall, if you get to practice the set-up of the Hennessy Hammock Ultralite Backpacker Zip, you’ll have smooth camping on your way. You don’t have to worry about bugs or insects, as well as rainy weather with its rain fly cover and net. It’s lightweight, durable, reliable, and can easily fit into any backpack with its size.

Best Double Hammock

2. Kammok Roo Double Hammock

Weight: 1lb 2oz
Capacity: 500lb
Materials: 40D Diamond Ripstop Nylon

If comfort and ease of set-up is your priority, then the Kammok Roo Double Hammock can be the best product for you. It has triple stitching, top-rated slings, and carabiners, and you’ll immediately feel the softness of the materials when you sit on it.

What we like about the Roo Double is the simplicity of the set-up. The suspension system is not included in the package of this product, so you need to look for a personal suspension system where you’re comfortable with. Once you have this, set-up is as easy as clipping the carabiner into your anchor and suspensions.

Since this Kammok hammock can fit 2 people or carry 500lbs, you can expect it to be spacious and large enough to accommodate any of your sleeping positions while you’re camping. We noticed how it was made with precision and care to the point where it can compete with large-end hammocks in the market.

It has webbing gear loops at the side where you can easily attach fabrics that you don’t want to feel or see. We tried laying diagonally to see if it would start shaking or unstabilized, but it became more comfortable as we did it.

If you’re thinking about protection, this hammock does not have a mosquito net or rain fly. If you’re planning to camp overnight with this product, it’s better if you use a sleeping pad to ensure that you don’t feel cold at your back. Durability-wise, if taken care of properly, we can assure you that you won’t experience any trouble with its nylon.

What we don’t like about the Kammok Roo Double Hammock is that it’s quite heavy considering it’s an open model design with a weight of more than 1 pound. Considering that the kit doesn’t include a suspension system, mosquito net, or rain fly, you’ll need to consider the additional weight of these items.

3. ENO DoubleNest Hammock

Weight: 19oz
Capacity: 400lbs
Materials: 70D High-tenacity Nylon

One of the most well-known companies that offer high-quality camping gear and accessories is the Eagles Nest Outfitters, Inc. or well-known as ENO. Their DoubleNest hammock is considered by many as their favorite because of its wide variety of colors availability, durability, and versatility.

What we like about the DoubleNest is that it’s easy to set-up. Although it doesn’t include a suspension system, you can easily clip it on your method or set-up of choice. The package already includes aluminum carabiners and compression straps.

This hammock is made from a parachute nylon fabric which gives it the comfort and secure feeling. Double hammocks are generally longer and wider, but compared to other 2-person hammock products in the market, the DoubleNest is somewhat smaller. 

We don’t recommend couples to use a 2-person hammock to sleep together. While it may seem enjoyable, we believe that these hammocks are best used as a lounging area where you and your partner can talk. Once both of you will go to sleep, you both get to your individual hammocks.

Since the DoubleNest has a capacity of carrying 400 pounds, it can easily accommodate almost any activity for you and your family. When we tested this hammock, we were happy to see the kids playing in and around the area. 

Typical open model hammocks do not offer much protection compared to a complete hammock set-up which has mosquito nets or rain fly. However, ENO offers its OneLink Shelter System where the package comes with a larger hammock. This upgrade includes a hammock bug net, suspension, and tarp.

If you’re careful with your accessories and gears, there’s no reason why this hammock can’t last you for a couple of years. With the triple-stitch anchor and body, we can confidently say that it’s durable and reliable.

There’s nothing that we don’t like about the ENO DoubleNest Hammock. However, it would be great if the package would include a suspension system so that you won’t get a hard time looking for the best one in the market.

4. WINNER Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

Weight: 2.5lbs
Capacity: 500lbs
Materials: 210T Nylon Parachute Fabric

The Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock offers a complete package at an affordable price. It’s lightweight, easy to assemble, and durable. If you’re looking for a beginner entry hammock, then this should be at your list of products to check out.

What we like about this Double Camping hammock is that it’s lightweight considering that the package already includes all the necessary gear for you to set it up. Weighing just 2.5 pounds, you have the double hammock, two 118” long straps with 16 loops, and two steel carabiners.

If it’s your first time to set-up a hammock, you may find the assembly and cords a bit confusing. We suggest that you watch a couple of Youtube videos first and practice setting up at home. Once you’re familiar, you won’t experience any problems with this item. We were able to completely set-up this double hammock in barely 3 minutes.

They used a 210T parachute nylon as the main material for this hammock which gives it the soft feeling. Sitting or curling down on this hammock didn’t give us a scare of being succumbed by all the nylon around us. 

With its triple-stitch build, we are confident with the sturdiness of the hammock. During our tests, we tried to mix and match our campers’ weight to see how much it can hold and we were happy to say that it didn’t give us any problem even if we almost reached the 500lbs capacity.

Unlike the other products though, the Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock does not include an instruction manual on how to set-up the product. Other than that, we didn’t find any faults in the product. It’s worth taking note though that there are some user complaints where the hammock tears apart in the middle even without reaching the 500lbs. If you ever experience this problem, WINNER Outfitters has a money-back guarantee, just contact their office.

Best Portable Hammock

5. ENO SingleNest Hammock

Weight: 16oz
Capacity: 400lbs
Material: 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta

Like its double edition, the ENO SingleNest Hammock is lightweight, versatile, and durable. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned hiker who’s looking for a simple carry-on lounging area, this hammock can provide you with all the comfort you’ll need at an affordable price.

What we like about the SingleNest is it only weighs 16oz which means that you can easily put it on your camping backpack without any worries of being bulky and getting heavy. Out of all the hammock manufacturers in the market, we find the ENO carabiners to be lightest and best. Although, you need to consider the additional weight of the suspension system since it’s not included in the package.

Once you figure out what to do with the lacking suspension system, you won’t have any trouble setting up this hammock. It took us less than 4 minutes to complete the arrangement. You might find it somewhat difficult to set-up this hammock, or any other hammock if it’s your first time which is why we recommend that you watch videos or practice doing it at home.

The ENO SingleNest has a great balance of weight and comfort. It’s not the most comfortable hammock we’ve tested with a parachute nylon material, but we didn’t experience any issues when we slept through our camping using this hanging bed.

It’s worth taking note that this folding hammock doesn’t include a rainfly or mosquito net which is why it’s best to use this during a day-hike where you can relax and absorb the nature around you. If you want to use this as an overnight hammock, we recommend that you also purchase a mosquito net or rainfly which can add to the weight of your backpack.

The parachute nylon material is reliable and durable, as long as you know how to take care of it. Overall, we didn’t find or experience anything troublesome with the ENO SingleNest Camping Hammock. It’s one of the most portable hammocks in the market that’s lightweight, colorful, durable, and comfortable.

6. Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter Hammock

Weight: 12oz
Capacity: 300lbs
Material: King Rhombic Ripstop Polyester

One of the most lightweight hammocks we’ve tested is the Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter Hammock. They upgraded the fabric they used, from a slippery material to a Ripstop Polyester which is a big improvement in terms of comfort and affordability.

What we like about the Ultralight Starter hammock is that it only weighs 12oz and is super affordable making it the best choice for hikers who would like to try to sleep in a hammock. It doesn’t include a suspension system, so you would need to consider the additional weight of the suspension of your choice.

Additionally, the hammock already has nautical-grade carabiners which are kind of heavy, 3 ounces inexact. If you have favorite carabiners to use, you can switch it to slash down the weight even more. Because the hammock is narrower and a little larger compared to other single hammocks, you’ll be able to hang it up easily when you’re in wide spaces.

The folding hammock itself is 4.5 feet wide and 9.5 feet long which means that it has more fabric than other products. More fabric means that you’ll feel more comfortable. Nevertheless, if you’re planning to sleep in this hammock, we suggest that you use a sleeping pad for added protection during the night.

In terms of durability, we noticed that it only has one-line stitching. Even though we tried to be clumsy with this hammock, we didn’t see any wear and tear. So far, there have been no issues of the hammock getting ripped, but we’re wondering about the lifespan of the stitching itself.

Overall, the Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter hammock is one of the most affordable, comfortable, and portable hammocks in the market until today. It’s best for hikers who're tight on budget but is looking for a hammock that is worth all the penny.

7. Wise Owl Outfitters Featherlight/Ultralight Hammock with Tree Straps

Weight: 14.5oz
Capacity: 400lbs
Material: 30D 300T Ripstop Nylon

Wise Owl is one of the manufacturers that offer an almost complete set-up in their hammocks. This Ultralight hammock already includes 2 lightweight wire gate carabiners and a ready-to-hang 9ft hammock straps. If you’re looking for an affordable ultra-lightweight pack that has all the small features, then this could be the perfect product for you.

What we like about the Wise Owl Outfitters Ultralight Hammock is that it only weighs 14.5 oz that already includes a suspension strap. This is a game-changer for most beginner hikers because they don’t need to look for other items just to set-up a hammock.

We’re impressed how easy it is to set-up this hammock. The webbing has sewn-in loops that you can effortlessly adjust depending on your preference. In just a couple of minutes, we were already lying down the hammock and enjoying our camp.

We’re actually surprised how soft and comfortable this folding hammock is. There’s plenty of space in the hammock and we were able to lie down diagonally. Because it’s a single hammock, there’s not much protection coming from the product except for the extra nylon around you.

It’s perfect if you’re planning to camp out on a sunny day because it can protect you from dirt, sun, and slight drizzle once you’re cocooned up. The hammock is made up of triple interlocking stitches so we were confident that it’s durable. Although, we are skeptical of the long-term use and lifespan of the product.

What we don’t like about the Wise Owl Outfitters Ultralight hammock is that the straps only have 5 adjustability options. Plus, the carabiners included in this package are somewhat sticky and there were times that we needed to lock it manually. Overall, this portable hammock can be of great use for people who are looking for an affordable and lightweight product.

Best Cheap Hammocks

8. Unigear Double Camping Hammock with Tree Straps

Weight: 32lbs
Capacity: 500lbs
Material: 210T High-tenacity parachute Nylon

With all the available hammocks in the market today, it can be quite difficult to look for a durable yet affordable hammock. If it’s your first time to use a hammock during your camping trip, it’s understandable if you look for something that wouldn’t break your savings account. The Unigear Double Camping hammock could be the answer to your problem.

What we like about this hammock is that it’s way more affordable compared to other brands, comfortable, can easily carry 500 pounds, and durable at the same time. When you choose to buy this hammock, it would already include all the necessary gears for you to set it up easily. 

There’s a manual included in the package as well as tree straps and carabiners. Even though we were already experienced in setting up a hammock, we still read the manual and we’re happy to say that it’s easy to understand that even beginners will have no problem setting the hammock themselves.

The 210T parachute nylon material is as comfortable as other more expensive brands. If you’re planning to use this hammock to a couple of overnight campsites, we suggest that you bring along with you a sleeping pad that lessens the cold. Parachute nylon is known for its breathability which means you can easily catch a cold if you don’t have additional protection. 

We totally recommend this hammock if you’re planning to go on day-hike trips or car camping where you’re looking to use this product as a lounging area to watch the nature around you or talk with your family and friends.

Since the hammock already has all the materials you’ll need to set-up, it’s already heavy as a whole package. The nylon material is pretty durable and can withstand two grown-up men. We tried to mix and match our weights during our tests and we didn’t see any sign of the hammock giving up.

There’s nothing bad to say about the Unigear Double Camping Hammock except that it's too heavy compared to other products. Since it’s in our cheap hammocks category and we were satisfied with its performance, we still loved it. If you want this product to last for years, you have to make sure to take care of it properly.

9. Honest Outfitters Single & Double Camping Hammock

Weight: 18oz
Capacity: 500lbs
Materials: 210T Parachute Nylon

If you’re looking for a complete hammock package that’s affordable and lightweight at the same time, then you should not look any further than the Honest Outfitters Single & Double Camping Hammock. Both sizes are very affordable and easy to set-up.

What we like about the Honest Outfitters hammock is that it’s lightweight considering it has all the materials that you’ll need to set-up. From carabiners to suspension systems, you don’t have to purchase other items, except if you want to upgrade these items.

Comfort-wise, the parachute nylon is breathable and can easily carry two people. We tried lying down diagonally and didn’t experience any problem with how balanced the hammock is. We noticed that the stitching can be a bit problematic when we experienced a light rain so make sure to check the weather first before going to a camp with this hammock.

The total weight of this package is 18oz which already includes the suspension system, carabiners, and straps. We noticed that the carabiners are made of steel which is pretty heavy. If you’re serious about weight-management, we suggest that you look for a lighter carabiner that provides the same effect.

We tested this hammock in a couple of our hikes to make sure that it’s reliable. We tried to poke it with our ballpoint pens and sticks and we didn’t notice any damage on the hammock which is great. For added protection, if you choose to use this as an overnight hammock, we suggest that you buy either a rain fly or mosquito net and a sleeping pad to protect you from bugs and cold.

Overall, for just under $30, this is a decent hammock that’s lightweight and complete. You have the option to use or get yourself another lightweight carabiner for a lighter pack. It’s better if you carry a rain fly with you if ever you’re worried about the hammock getting wet.

10. Kootek Portable Camping Hammock

Weight: 26lbs
Capacity: 400lbs
Material: 210T Parachute Nylon

The last on our list for the best cheap hammocks is the Kootek Portable Camping Hammock. With a price under $30, we were surprised at how comfortable it was. It’s large, versatile, and easy to set-up. If weight is not your priority, then you should check out this product.

What we like about the Kootek Portable hammock is that its size. With the steep competition on hammocks with low price points, Kootek managed to surpass its competitors by giving a hammock large enough to make you feel comfortable.

This hammock is one of the heaviest hammocks we’ve reviewed. Weighing around 26lbs, the set already includes all the gears you’ll need to set it up. The straps are made of high-quality webbing straps that have triple bar-tacked loops. 

We were able to set up the hammock in under 4 minutes. The straps have a total of 18 loops which provides more adjustability depending on your preference. What sets us off is that the carabiners included in this set are made from a cheap metal carabiner. You can easily replace this with a higher-end carabiner so that you can improve your set up.

This product is more versatile compared to the previous products we’ve mentioned because of its large size. It can easily accommodate a number of kids because of its weight capacity and size. We were also able to hang out with the other campers without the worry of ripping the hammock.

This hammock is pretty durable since it has loads of fabric. If you’re looking for protection against nature, this can already suffice if it’s only a day-hike adventure. But if you’re looking to use this overnight, it’ll be best if you add a sleeping pad since parachute nylons are breathable and can easily get cold.

Overall, this is one of the best cheap hammocks in the market today. If you don’t mind heavy lifting and sticky carabiner, this could be the perfect lounging hammock for you.

Best Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

11. Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro

Weight: 35oz
Capacity: 400lbs
Material: 210T 70D Parachute Nylon

The Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro is one of the largest hammocks we’ve tested among the other products. It’s comfortable and spacious enough for you to have your friend sit with you and enjoy the nature. You can try out almost all sleeping positions with this hammock.

What we like about the Skeeter Beeter Pro is that it’s simple to set-up. It already includes all the necessary gear you’ll need to accomplish this task. Although, we didn’t like the rope included in this pack because it’s simply wrong to tie it to a living tree. We suggest that you look for another suspension system that’s more environmentally-friendly.

The 70D parachute nylon fabric is soft on our skin. We also noticed that the hammock bug net is soft which is a big advantage compared to other brands. It has a traditional end-geared shape and is the largest we’ve tried as a day-use hammock.

When it comes to protection, we like how the bug net was constructed. Although, it would have been great if there was a rain fly included in the package. We noticed that the mosquito net of the Skeeter Beeter Pro is made with an off-white color which makes it hard to see through it. In this regard, we prefer a dark netting that is used by other products because it’s easier to talk and see the people around you.

Durability-wise, we believe that this hammock can withstand a number of years, but we suggest that you replace the bungee cord and rope since it looks like it won’t last long. This hammock weighs a whopping 30 ounces even when we removed the suspension system which is really heavy. 

Other than the weight and tree damaging ropes, we like how the Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro hammock and mosquito net is comfortable and soft against our skin. If you’re looking for a complete set at less than $100, then this is a great product for you.

12. Hammock Bliss No-See-Um No More Mosquito Net Hammock

Weight: 28oz
Capacity: 350lbs
Material: Parachute Nylon

When we talk about high-quality camping hammock with mosquito net, you’ll always find the Hammock Bliss No-See-Um No More hammock in almost every best-of list article. With its superior build, quality nylon and net, camping design, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy your camping experience with this product.

What we like about the No-See-Um No More hammock is that you’ll get almost all the features in a hammock without breaking your bank. The parachute nylon is soft to touch and the mosquito net can easily be zippered open or close depending on your preference.

We tested the hammock in terms of carrying capacity and durability, and we’re happy to say that it surpassed our standards. Even if the manufacturer suggests not to reach 350lbs, our campers were able to sit and lounge in the hammock without worrying that it’ll tear apart. 

We noticed that there are no tree straps included in the set which is why we resorted to the traditional way of hanging hammocks, with knots and ties. This is pretty time consuming considering that almost all high-end hammocks now have tree straps included with them. We suggest that if you want to save your time, bring with you the tree straps of your choice. 

In terms of protection and durability, unlike the previous product, we appreciate the bug net of this hammock because even the smallest insects weren't able to enter the hammock. Also, you can open and close the hammock bug net whether you’re inside or outside of it which is great. What’s more, is that there are pockets inside of the hammock which is a big plus to us.

The product is durable and resilient which is why we recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a sturdy hammock. It’s quite heavy considering that it still lacks tree straps, but if you prefer to have a reliable hammock rather than looking at the weight, then this could be the best product for you.

13. Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Weight: 40lbs
Capacity: 350lbs
Material: Ripstop 210T Taffeta Parachute Nylon

One of the most popular double hammocks in the market today is the Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net. Its performance, durability, comfortability, and affordability is almost second to none. With this hammock at your side, you’ll be confident to take on new days ahead of you.

What we like about this hammock is that everything you need to set-up your camp is available. Organizing everything is simple, even our new campers were able to set-up this hammock by themselves. All materials are of high-quality and there’s no doubt about the comfort that it brings.

When we tested this double camping hammock, we were mountain biking during our trip. We decided to do this to test how comfortable it is to sleep with the products that we were testing. To our surprise, we woke up without body aches with this hammock which is a big deal for all of us. 

If you’re planning to go on a camping trip using this product, we suggest that you check first the weather in your area. It’s best to add a sleeping pad during the night since the material that’s used for this hammock is parachute nylon which quickly gets a cold during the night. 

We especially liked the zipper on the hammock and bug net of this product. Whether you’re inside or outside the hammock, you can secure yourself against the bugs because you have access to the zipper. One thing to note though, the zipper can only reach until the middle part of the hammock which means you might have a hard time going in and out of the hammock.

There are only two things that we were looking at from the Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net, and those are the loops and internal pockets. Since it’s made to hold at least two people, the hammock itself has too much nylon for one person. 

It can be quite claustrophobic since there were no ways to loop the extra hammock. Plus, it would have been great if there were internal pockets around since the space is big enough to accommodate small valuable items. Overall, this is one of the best camping hammocks with mosquito nets in the market today.

Best Kids Hammock for Camping

14. Wise Owl Outfitters Owlet Kid Hammock

Weight: 19.4oz
Capacity: 500lbs
Material: 210T Parachute Nylon

When it comes to our kids' safety and comfortability, we try to look for the best one in the market. Whether you’re planning to go on a camping trip with your child or have an extra lounging area at your home, the Wise Owl Outfitters Owlet Kid Hammock could be the best product for you.

What we like about the Owlet Kid hammock is that the package comes along with all the necessary gears you’ll need in order to set-up this hammock. There’s two carabiners, two straps, and a stuff sack to put everything together.

The set-up was easy and fast and our kid campers enjoyed the activity. Some things to note though, the carabiners are heavy, but you can replace these with the carabiners of your choice. Wise Owl offers a lot of choices for this gear which comes with multiple colors. Second is that the straps only have 5 loops. If you’re like us who’s more confident in more loops, then this could be a little disappointing.

The Parachute nylon is very soft. Our kid campers were able to sleep like an angel without any body aches in the morning. They even used this as a lounging and playing area and we didn’t have to worry because it can handle a couple of pounds.

Since our kid campers were the ones who used and tested this product, who are quite clumsy in their own way, we believe that this hammock is durable and reliable. We didn’t see any wear and tear on the hammock itself even if the campers were cocooning themselves.

Aside from the heavy carabiners and 5-loop straps, we recommend this hammock to all parents out there who are looking for reliable kids camping hammock.

15. Browint Kids Hammock 

Weight: 19.3oz
Capacity: 500lbs
Material: 210 Printed Parachute Nylon

Most kids nowadays are looking for products that can easily catch their attention. If you’re sick of the same colored hammocks in the market, then the Browint Kids Hammock could be the best choice for your kid. With its multi-color and printed hammocks, you’ll surely find the best fit for your child.

What we love about this kid camping hammock is that it’s large enough for your kids and their friends to play around and it can even hold an adult and a child because of its weight capacity. All the needed gears are included in the package so you don’t have to worry about the set-up.

We were able to organize everything in just 3 minutes because of the long straps available. Compared to the previous product, the tree straps have 6 loops for you to easily adjust the height of the hammock. 

The entire product is not lightweight which is why we recommend that you look for lighter carabiners and straps if ever you’re planning to have your kid carry this around during your hike. Most of our kid campers were happy to see the different prints on this hammock which is why we’ve included this on our best-of list. 

We don’t have anything bad to say about the Browint Kids Hammock because we find it durable, reliable, comfortable, and affordable at the same time. Out of all the hammocks we’ve encountered, this is the only one with different prints.

16. Gold Armour Camping Hammock Adult Kids

Weight: 24.8oz
Capacity: 500lbs
Material: Parachute Nylon

The last on our best kids camping hammock list is the Gold Armour Camping Hammock Adult Kids. It has multiple colors to choose from. It’s sturdy, durable, and affordable. If you’re looking for a simple, yet performing hammock, you should check this product.

What we like about the Gold Armour Camping Hammock for Adults and Kids is that it’s durable. The first thing we noticed when we opened the stuff pack is the triple-stitching on the hammock itself. The set-up was simple and fast. With the tree-friendly straps, carabiners, and 5-loop straps, we were lounging around the hammock in no time. 

This product can carry 500lbs easily which is why we, the adults, were confident enough to use it ourselves. Even if there were two adults in this hammock, you won’t feel it getting stressed or extending. The parachute nylon material is soft and comfortable which the kids like so much.

Another thing that caught our attention is the 15 years warranty, money-back guarantee of Gold Armour. There are only a few hammock manufacturers that offer this warranty. Once you’re not happy with the hammock, they’ll give you your money back and you can get to keep the hammock. This alone can explain why we believe that his hammock is durable.

The only thing that we don’t like about the Gold Armour Camping Hammock for kids is that it’s a bit narrow compared to other products. It seems that the length does not fit the width of the product which is why you’ll find it hard to be cocooned.

Best Hammock Comparison Table

FotoCamping Hammock MaterialCapacityWeight

1. Hennessy Hammock Ultralite Backpacker Zip

30D and 70D High-density Nylon200lbs2lbs

2. Kammok Roo Double Hammock

40D Diamond Ripstop Nylon500lb1lb 2oz

3. ENO DoubleNest Hammock

70D High-tenacity Nylon400lbs19oz

4. WINNER Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

210T Nylon Parachute Fabric500lbs2.5lbs

5. ENO SingleNest Hammock

70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta400lbs16oz

6. Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter Hammock

King Rhombic Ripstop Polyester300lbs12oz

7. Wise Owl Outfitters Featherlight/Ultralight Hammock with Tree Straps

30D 300T Ripstop Nylon400lbs14.5oz

8. Unigear Double Camping Hammock with Tree Straps

210T High-tenacity parachute Nylon500lbs32lbs

9. Honest Outfitters Single & Double Camping Hammock

210T Parachute Nylon500lbs18oz

10. Kootek Portable Camping Hammock

210T Parachute Nylon400lbs26lbs

11. Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro

210T 70D Parachute Nylon400lbs35oz

12. Hammock Bliss No-See-Um No More Mosquito Net Hammock

Parachute Nylon350lbs28oz

13. Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Ripstop 210T Taffeta Parachute Nylon350lbs40lbs

14. Wise Owl Outfitters Owlet Kid Hammock

210T Parachute Nylon500lbs19.4oz

15. Browint Kids Hammock 

210 Printed Parachute Nylon500lbs19.3oz

16. Gold Armour Camping Hammock Adult Kids

Parachute Nylon500lbs24.8oz

Which is Better: Hammock vs Tent

A lot of people wonder how is hammock camping comfortable? You'd always think about the possibility of falling, the straps breaking, the bears wandering around the woods, or simply the chilly nights. If you're still considering why you should use a hammock on your next camping trip, we have all the right reasons to convince you.

Size, Weight, and Price

Tents would require you a lot of gears to set it up. From poles to footprint, stakes to sleeping pads, rainfly, and more. Whereas you only need a suspension system for you to set up a hammock. Not to mention the additional weight of all the items you're going to carry.

The heaviest hammock you'll see in the market is 2 lbs the most. While a typical weight of a full tent camping gear will be 2 lbs the least. Imagine having to carry those weights from different camping sites.

A quality tent would typically have a price range from $200 to $500 and would still sometimes lack the needed accessories for you to completely set it up. High-end, quality hammocks, however, would have $100 the most.

Finding a Campsite

If you're an avid hiker like us, you know how hard it is to find a good campsite. These campsites should at least be flat, away from any water source, comfortable, well-sized, and away from any wildlife habitat. Also, you have to consider the possibilities of raining since we don't want to wake up in the middle of a flood.

Compare to setting up a hammock for your camping. You just need to find good, healthy, and durable trees and you're good to go.

Setting Up a Campsite

Have you heard about a tent set-up race? Yes, it's a real race. The fastest record for a team of 10 to erect a 4-man tent is 1 minute and 58 seconds. Considering that the members practice almost every day just to speed things up and put up everything needed.

Whereas, a beginner in hammock camping would only need 3 minutes at most to set-up a hammock. If you're like us, it would only take a minute and a half to accomplish this task.


Imagine having a rough day on your hike. You set-up your tent and slowly crawl inside. You realize that you're positioned in a small incline. You didn't notice the small boulder digging on your back and your tent is flapping on one side.

You try to sleep, yet you just couldn't get the right sleeping position. You toss and turn all throughout the night.

Compare it when you're sleeping in a hammock. Research shows that people tend to sleep deeper and better in a hammock. This is because of the simple rocking sensation while you're cocooned. Personally, my longest time to stay awake in a hammock is 3 minutes.


If you're still having second thoughts of buying and sleeping in a hammock, we suggest that you try it out. You might find it difficult on your first night, but we assure you that you'll have a life-changing experience on the second night onwards.

With all the hammocks we've mentioned above, we're sure that you'll find the best one that will fit what you need. Whether it's a portable hammock, hammock with a mosquito net, or even a cheap hammock, the sleeping experience would all still be the same.


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