Best Camping Showers in 2021

Best Camping Showers in 2021

Published: Nov 04, 2020

Have you ever wondered how some hikers clean their gears and take a shower in the middle of the woods? We've all thought about this question when we're starting to plan our first long trips. Campers nowadays don't need to find a lake and deep into the cold water to clean themselves. 

Thankfully, with the advancement of technology, we're seeing a wide range of product lines of camping showers. To write this article, we've tested 38 products that are mostly regarded as the best in online shops and see for ourselves which are the top results.

We've evaluated outdoor camping showers based on their portability, functionality, ease of set up, durability, and value for money. By doing a series of tests, both indoors and outdoor, we were able to narrow down the choices for you.

So sit back, relax, and let's go through the best camping showers in 2021.

Best Camping Shower: Our Quick Answer


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Best Overall Camping Shower


1. Zodi Outback Gear Extreme SC Hot Water

Weight: 11.8lbs

Power Source: Manual Hand Pump

Heat Source: Propane Stove

Capacity: 3 gallons

Built with durability in mind, the Zodi Outback Gear Extreme SC is considered the best camping shower in the market today. It's easy to use, almost no set up is needed, it has a handy temperature gauge, the pressure can easily be adjusted, and it includes a stove when purchased which is why most family campers prefer this shower.

What we like about the Zodi Extreme is that it's versatile and easy to use. Most of our campers chose this camping shower out of all the products they have tested because of its simple yet useful features.

Unlike most camping showers where you won't be able to control the water pressure, the arm-powered pressurizing vertical pump can easily be adjusted and the on/off lever can also be partially switched. This feature is extremely helpful since you can use this on multiple occasions, like washing your hands and dishes, cleaning your gear, and taking a shower.

Heating is not a problem with this camping shower since it's made with stainless steel. All you have to do is to put it on top of the included propane stove and in just 20 minutes or under, you'll be able to transform cold water into your hot shower. Perhaps what we like the most about the Extreme is that it has a temperature indicator that lets you know if you reach the ideal water temperature that you want.

To add to its functionality and versatility, it has a 5ft 10.5in hose and a 1-inch wide showerhead. Although we would prefer a rather bigger showerhead, the hose and pressure control are the features that gave this product the edge it needs.

Set up and packability is no issue at all with the Zodi Extreme because it's always set up. All you have to do is to collect the water that you need, put the product on top of the stand, and heat up the stove. It's that easy! When you're all done, there's a large duffle bag where you can put the entire camp shower and put it behind your trunk.

Durability-wise, the Extreme may be the most sturdy camp shower we have in this review. Because of the stainless steel container, industrial-grade brass valves, and heavy-duty hose, there's no question that this product will last for years. The only component on this product that is made from plastic is the showerhead, but during our meticulous testing process, we didn't encounter any issue and found any damage to this.

The only thing that we didn't like about the Zodi Outback Gear Extreme SC is that it's so heavy and not portable at all. You can't fold it like other camping showers and there's no way for you to carry it around unless you have a car.


Best Portable Camping Showers


2. Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

Weight: 1lb 5oz

Power Source: Foot Pump

Heat Source: Manual or Solar

Capacity: 2.9 gallons

The Nemo Helio Pressure Shower is not only portable, but it's also one of the most effective camp showers in the market with its adjustable pressure, packability, and capacity. Setting it up and using it is no problem at all. The 7-foot sprayer hose allows you to wash almost everything that you need to be cleaned without constantly moving it around.

What we like about the Helio Pressure Shower is that it allows you to control the pressure of the water by the force you put on the foot pump. Although this requires a little practice, we can definitely say that it's worth every effort once you've mastered this.

The 7-foot long sprayer hose is a big help to the versatility of this camping shower. It works like a regular kitchen sprayer where all you have to do is to press and release. The downside to this Nemo shower is that you have to hold it every time you want to use it, if you want a hands-free experience, the XL version comes with a rubber piece on the handle where it can hold the shower while you wash.

With the 2.9 gallons capacity and a ⅝-inch showerhead, the Helio gave us the longest shower time out of all the products we've tested; 6 minutes to be exact. This is both an advantage and disadvantage in some cases. If you're thinking about having a long hot bath, this could be the best option for you, but if you're constantly on the move and want a fast and quick solution to the dirt around you, this could be a little irritating. Nonetheless, we are happy with the showerhead because it allowed us to use it in different scenarios.

If you want a hot shower, you'll be happy to know that this camping shower has the ability to heat water through solar or using a stove. Additionally, setting up is a breeze! All the pieces are attached so all you have to do is to collect water and you can use it instantly, that's if you're not planning to heat it.

Portability-wise, with a weight of 1lb 5oz and 5.5in when packed, you can easily carry it around anywhere you go. Still, with the addition of 2.9 gallons of water, you'll just end up with a 24lb and around 17in carry. Not bad at all! In terms of durability, it's constructed with polyurethane-coated plastic and neoprene tubes which is sturdy.

What we don't like about the Nemo Helio Pressure Shower is that it has a narrow opening on where you can collect the water. It's so narrow that we thought it was only made to collect water from a faucet. We tried different techniques and we suggest that you collect water by using a reserved pack and transferring it afterward. There are also instances where the foot pump failed to inflate and there were times our foot slipped.


3. Ivation Portable Camping Shower

Weight: 20 ounces

Power Source: Rechargeable Lithium Battery (included)

Heat Source: N/A

Capacity: N/A

If you're looking for a camping shower that's portable and just needs to be attached to a bucket or water source, the Ivation Outdoor Shower could be the best answer for you. The showerhead provides consistent pressure in its entire battery life and it can easily be hung up on a tree or you can use the included suction for a hands-free experience.

What we like about the Ivation camp shower is that it has a wide showerhead and has consistent water pressure. Although it's non-adjustable, we felt very comfortable using this shower because the water doesn't feel like forced needles when it contacts our skin.

There are only three components on this shower, the showerhead, hose, and battery pump. You'll need a bathwater bucket or any other material that can collect water. To use this, all you have to do is put the battery pump into the bucket, turn it on (found also on the battery pump), and you're ready to wash.

The package includes a rechargeable lithium battery that can be easily charged through its USB port. Mind you though, it doesn't include any adapter or bucket so you'll have to bring these materials yourselves. Although, we don't mind this much because almost everyone has an adapter and any campsite have buckets.

It has a 5' 9.5” hose that has a 2.1” wide spray. While we were testing the shower, we noticed that it doesn't work well for taller people. Imagine having a 5' 9.5” hose with the battery pump inside a bucket (that's constantly draining water and moving downward) and a camper that's 5' 10” tall. Campers who are taller than 5' 5” would need to stoop down to avoid lifting the pump.

The Ivation camp shower doesn't have the capacity to heat water so you either heat a few kettles of water first and adding it to the cool bucket of water to get lukewarm water to shower or you'll end up with water with temperature as where you got it.

We noticed that the directions by Ivation say that charging time is between 2-5 hours. We tried to charge the battery pump first at home and it only took us 3 hours to fully charge it. Although, it make take more time to charge it using your car battery (because of lower voltage). We liked how the red light changes to a blue light once it's fully charged.

The only thing that we didn't like about the Ivation Outdoor Shower is the durability. Almost everything is made up of plastic and there are instances that the hose kinks. We also found some complaints online about users experiencing a breaking on the attachment of the showerhead. There were also complaints about the battery pump instantly stopping.


4. Simple Shower Portable Camping Shower

Weight: Less than an ounce

Power Source: N/A

Heat Source: Manual or Solar

Capacity: 1 or 2-liters

When it comes to being lightweight and super portable, the Simple Shower is the best among the rest. With just a showerhead and two straws to choose from, you can easily put it inside a mesh pocket. This product is an attachment to a 1 or 2-liter bottle, so all you have to do is connect the pieces together with your chosen bottle and you're all set to go.

What we like about the Simple is that it has large holes to give you great cleaning coverage. The flow is fast, consistent, and comfortable. You won't feel any needles pricking your skin when you use this as a camping shower.

The downside to this though is, since it only has 2-liter capacity, you'll run out of water in just 30 seconds. While we were testing the product, we found it extremely helpful in cleaning our dishes and dirty gears. But the 2-liter limit and wash time just isn't enough to clean ourselves or our dogs and more so in removing shampoos.

If you're looking to have hot water to wash you off, you can set the bottle directly in the sun and heat up on its own. We especially loved using this when we wanted a quick wash in our hands and feet before going inside the tent because it's so easy to use.

What we didn't like about the Simple is that it doesn't have a way to close the showerhead. There were instances that we accidentally bumped it and all the water came streaming down leaving our things soaked.

Additionally, since Simple urges its users not to constantly put on and remove the straw from the showerhead, we are concerned about the durability of this product. We suggest that once you choose the size of the bottle that you're going to use, you'd have to stick with it to avoid breaking on the straws and showerhead.

Overall, the Simple is still a contender for being one of the best portable camping showers in the market today. It's perfect for people who want to do a quick day hike and needs a product that can easily clean off any material.


5. Sea to Summit Pocket Shower 

Weight: 4.3oz

Power Source: Gravity

Heat Source: Manual or Solar

Capacity: 2.6 gallons

Sea to Summit has covered everything that you need for a portable camping shower. The Pocket Shower is easy to pack, lightweight is a no-brainer to use, comes with all the materials that you need, and heats up easily. With its affordable price and impressive performance, you'll no doubt bring this shower in all your adventures.

What we like about the Pocket Shower is that it's so straightforward to use. You collect water, hang it up on a tree and you're all set to go. It has a capacity of 2.6 gallons and a standard size showerhead which enables you to clean yourself thoroughly in a matter of minutes.

The nozzle of this camping shower can be twisted on or off between rinse or lather so that you can conserve the water inside. Additionally, you'll find a diagram on the side of the nozzle so forgetting how to turn it is almost impossible. There are also directions inside the water bag where you'll see how to collect water, close the top lid, and even how you can dry up the bag.

Everybody loves a warm shower and, if you're like us, we can give some time and effort to have this luxury. The Pocket Shower allows you to have a hot shower in two options. First is by leaving the bag full of water in the sun. Second, you can heat up a couple of liters of water in your stove and mix it with the water inside the bag. You're all set to go!

Since this works as a gravity shower, some people might find it difficult to hang it up on a tree and put the showerhead right on your preferred shower area. You also need to practice tying your knots because you'll be needing to do this a lot.

When it comes to being portable and durable, we have no questions with the Pocket Shower at all. Weighing just 4.7 ounces, you can easily carry it around anywhere you go. It's also smaller when packed tightly compared to your regular water bottle. Since we've brought this around with almost our trip, we didn't have any issues with its sturdiness at all.

What we didn't like about the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower is that when the water is about to run out, the pressure slows down and the remaining water just trickles down. Also, you would need to practice hanging it up a tree with the full 2.6 gallons capacity because we swear, it can be really difficult.


6. Reliance Outdoors Flow Pro Portable Shower

Weight: 3.8lbs

Power Source: Manual

Heat Source: Manual

Capacity: 2 gallons

If you're looking for a trustworthy, affordable, and portable camping shower, then the Reliance Outdoors Flow Pro should be on your list to check out. It comes with a 6ft kink-resistant hose, pressure release valve, and trigger action water head that can handle almost all your camping cleaning worries.

What we like about the Flow Pro is that it only weighs 3.8 pounds that has the capacity to hold 2 gallons of water. We were surprised at how effective the nuzzle and showerhead of this camp shower because, even though it's manually operated, it rinses soaps and sticky muds easily.

The water inside cannot be heated from the sun, but if you're a hot shower junkie like us, this can still be a great choice for you. We initially boiled water before we went out with our trip, and the Flow Pro was able to keep the heat down.

We then mixed it with the cold water from the stream and shower off. Before opening the water source, make sure that you depressurize it by turning the pressure release valve to avoid spraying the pressure right to your face.

The 6ft hose is what separates this product from its competitors. It's kink resistant so you don't have to worry about the water stopping because of its bending or twisting. Additionally, it's flexible enough that you can leave the Flow Pro on the ground and still wash your hair.

The only thing that we didn't like about the Reliance Outdoors Flow Pro is that you need to constantly pump it to release water. We had to pump it to wash our hands, pump again before showering, pump again to remove the soap and pump every time before using it.


Best Solar Camping Showers


7. Advanced Elements 5-Gallon Solar Powered Camping Shower

Weight: 13oz

Power Source: Gravity

Heat Source: Manual or Solar

Capacity: 5 gallons

You'll seldom find a solar camping shower that has wide water coverage, lightweight, durable, is gravity-powered, and with useful features. We consider Advanced Elements as one of the best in the market today because it's extremely efficient and reliable.

What we like about the Advanced Elements Solar camp shower is that it has a long period of continuous water flow. With its 5-gallon capacity, we were able to take a full bath in 6 minutes without stopping the flow.

Even if it has a small showerhead, the outward design of the nozzle enables it to cover a wide coverage. Although, it's worth taking note that it has low pressure so you might end up taking a couple of minutes to rinse off small specks of dirt. We timed the flow of the water and it had an average of 2.3L per minute which is better compared to its competitors.

Showering with hot water is not a problem because all you have to do is let it lay down in the sun, after a couple of hours, you'll have the temperature of the water you want. Want a faster way to have a hot shower? You can add a liter or two of boiled water to an almost full cold water in the bag and you're all set to go. The temperature gauge is extremely helpful to know if you've already reached the temperature you want.

Other features you'll see on the Advanced Elements solar camp shower are the mesh pocket to put your soap and small wash items, a small mirror to make sure that you're all cleaned up, and two velcro loops where you can hang your dry and wet washcloths.

What surprised us the most about this camping shower is that it's extremely durable. We tested the 4-layer construction material and let it fall from a 7-foot tree with full water capacity and we were happy to see that it didn't break apart. Additionally, it's so easy to pack up that it will be small enough to put it on the side mesh pocket of your backpack.

We honestly couldn't find anything wrong with the Advanced Elements 5-Gallon Solar Camping Shower. The only thing that we think can be improved is the low pressure of water flow because of the 1-inch nozzle size.


8. KIPIDA Solar Camping Shower Bag

Weight: 15.5oz

Power Source: Gravity

Heat Source: Solar

Capacity: 5 gallons

One of the most underrated solar showers is the KIPIDA Shower Bag. Boasting a capacity of 5 gallons, a fast time to heat water in just 3 hours, a non-slip handle, no leak valve, and mesh pockets, you'll be surprised how well this product performs.

What we like about the KIPIDA camp shower is that you can bring it anywhere you go. During our tests, we noticed how fast the water heats up inside the bag. With direct sunlight, it easily reached a 45-degree Celsius heat in under 3 hours. Imagine how many times you and your fellow campers can shower the entire day with hot water with 5 gallons of water.

Also, if you're like some of us who are picky when it comes to hot showers, the temperature gauge can help you know if you've already reached your desired temperature. We also love how the hose is kink-resistant and long enough that allows us to direct it to the areas we would like to clean.

What separates this camping shower from the rest is that the showerhead has an on/off switch to stop the flow of water and has a high/low switch that you can choose from to control the water current. Once you're done using it and there is still some water left, you can just switch the button to save the water.

It features a non-slip handle that enables you to carry around your site and use it to hang on a tree. You'll also find a mesh pocket at the front where you can put your bar soap and other small cleaning essentials.

What we didn't like about the KIPIDA Solar Camping Shower Bag is that it has a fairly small twist-o cap valve where we had difficulty filling the bag up with water in lakes or streams. Also, there had been complaints online from various users that it started to leak with just a couple of trips.


9. Intex Portable Solar Camping Shower

Weight: 8oz

Power Source: Gravity

Heat Source: Solar

Capacity: 5 gallons

Most gravity camp showers have issues with their durability. Most of the time, you'll see complaints about broken handles, leaking valves, and even leakage on the water bag itself. The Intex Portable Solar Camp Shower is considered one of the sturdiest gravity showers that are, not only effective but also affordable.

What we like about the Intex Camping Shower is that it's a no-brainer to use at all. It's perfect for newbie hikers, ultra-lightweight backpackers, and people who constantly move around but still want to feel fresh and clean.

The simple design allows you to identify each of the components quickly. We didn't find any issue with the opening valve since it can easily collect water from lakes and streams. Once we collected enough water, we let the bag get heat from the sun for us to take a hot shower. After a couple of hours, we were cleaning ourselves and our gears.

We noticed that the hose doesn't kink which is great considering its size. You'll find an on/off valve that gives you the ability to control the water flow. Additionally, it's a great shower when you use it for all your tasks like washing the dishes, cleaning your hands and gears, and even taking a bath.

Since it has the capacity to hold 5 gallons and has a narrow hose, we felt limited on the low pressure of water flow. It took us nearly 9 minutes of continuous flow to finish up the bag which is the longest you'll find in the review. Durability-wise, this has the sturdiest handles you'll find in the gravity shower category.

What we didn't like about the Intex Portable Solar Camp Shower is that it doesn't have any kind of insulation system which is why, your hot water, can quickly become cold. Additionally, like what we've mentioned earlier, it has low water pressure which can test your patience at times.


Best Heated Camping Shower


10. Coleman H2Oasis Portable Shower

Weight: 12.12 pounds

Power Source: Battery-Powered

Heat Source: Internal Electric

Capacity: 5 gallons

If you're looking for a quick solution to have a hot shower outdoors, there's nothing better than the Coleman H2Oasis Portable Shower. Compared to its direct competitors, it's lightweight, easy to use, comes with everything that you need, and durable that can provide you service for years to come.

What we like about the H2Oasis is that it has an Instastart ignition. This allows you to instantly start up the heating process of the water without the need to light a match. We found this very helpful especially when we had to clean ourselves during dawn or in the evening. In just a couple of seconds, we already have our desired temperature.

Because of its PerfectFlow technology, the water flow is consistent even if we were running out of water. The shower hose is 6-foot long and non-kink so you don't have to worry about tangling yourself or water stopping in the middle of your shower.

During our tests, we were happy to know that there's a multi-purpose shower head holder at the side of the machine. It has a multi-axis rotation and height adjustment which enables us to use it on different occasions. We were able to use it while washing our dishes, cleaning our dog, and all the other stuff we do while camping out.

It's fairly lightweight and comes with a mesh storage bag. To set-up, all you have to do is attach the hose, connect the pump to the water carrier, dial the temperature that you want, and you're all set to go. Once you're done, just disconnect everything and you can easily put it on the bag.

What we didn't like about the Coleman H2Oasis Portable Shower is that there are no options to turn off the water when you're done using it. We suggest that you put the showerhead into the carrier so that you can continue doing your soap. We also recommend that you recharge the pump every after 10 minutes of the shower to make sure that it won't stop when you need it.


11. Camp Chef HWD5 Triton Water Heater

Weight: 14.6 pounds

Power Source: Battery-Powered

Heat Source: Internal Electric

Capacity: N/A

Having a luxury shower is not an impossible thing to do in the great outdoors. With the Camp Chef HWD5 Triton Water Heater, you'll easily get a hot water shower in just a couple of seconds. All you need to do now is look for a water source, battery, and pump.

What we like about the Triton Portable Water Heater is that it comes with multiple features to ensure that you have your preferred water. It has a multi-setting showerhead that can be adjusted to shower, mist, jet, and off. This came very handily when we used this on multiple occasions during our week-long trip like washing the dishes, removing the dog's shampoo, and taking a shower.

It has a 72-inch shower hose and adjustable heat and water flow. It can produce 0.5 gallons per minute for the minimum flow and a maximum of 1.5 gallons per minute. We were also impressed by how consistent the water flow is despite having an outdoor water source.

If you're like some of our campers who have specific preferences in the heat of their shower, this is the camping shower of your dreams. The water temperature can be adjusted from 80 degrees F to 150 degrees F in seconds.

Other features you'll find on this water heater is the carry handle which folds down for easy storage, brackets which you can use to hang this product, and it comes with a bulk propane tank.

What we didn't like about the Camp Chef HWD5 Triton Water Heater is that it has its limitations. For one thing, the manufacturer discourages anyone to use this indoors because of the emitted exhaust. Also, it would have been great if all the materials that are required for this water heater to function are included in the purchase. You need at least a 25-30 PSI water pump to produce a proper water flow and a 2 D battery for the ignition.


12. Mr. Heater Boss-XB13 Camping Shower

Weight: 22 pounds

Power Source: Battery-Powered

Heat Source: Internal Electric

Capacity: N/A

Mr. Heater is a well-known brand that produces top-notch propane heaters. They are also known for the safety features that their products have that will ensure that you and your family is safe during your trip outdoors and the Boss-XB13 is not an exception.

What we like about the Boss-XB13 is that it's designed to be lightweight, portable, and easy to use. We tested this during our car camping activity which was a week-long trip. With just 5 gallons of water, 4 campers were able to take a hot shower which was made possible because of its amazing features.

It needs a small propane tank and 6 D-Cell batteries to operate, but once fully charged, it can continuously run for about 40 minutes providing you with a constant water flow of 1.18 gallons of water per minute. The water pump is also included in the package so you don't need to worry about looking for a suitable pump.

The matchless pulse ignition switch can provide you with hot steaming water in minutes by a simple switch. Even if we were camping at 30's temperature, we were able to enjoy a hot shower in under 5 minutes which is impeccable in this range of heated camping showers.

Additional features include an on/off switch on the showerhead which temporarily shuts off the water flow, but doesn't turn off the machine. Plus, the unit has an available faucet on the side which also dispenses hot water if ever you need to quickly wash your hands or your dishes.

What we didn't like about the Mr. Heater Boss-XB13 heated camping shower is that the hose is made of silicone which has a tendency to kink and block water flow. Also, you need to constantly fully charge the batteries because if you don't, it runs out pretty quickly. You also need to purchase a propane cylinder, 6 D-Cell batteries, and find a water source for this to operate.


13. Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater & Shower Pump

Weight: 13.2 pounds

Power Source: AC/DC or 12V Power Adapter

Heat Source: Propane Gas

Capacity: N/A

The Hike Crew Portable Heated Camping Shower is considered as one of the most portable propane water heaters in the market today. With its amazing features and hands-free design, you surely won't regret bringing this machine with you on all your outdoor travels.

What we like about the Hike Crew is that it's an all-in-one set as a camping shower. Once you connect this machine to a propane tank, power adapter, and water bucket, you can have a hot water shower in minutes.

It has all the controls that you need in order to get the temperature and water flow that you want. First, you'll find the display panel control where you'll see the ignition indicator, safety cutout indicator, water temperature, power on/off button, and the pump control. Second, is the heat control knob where you can adjust the temperature of the water. Next is the spray pattern control, where you have 3 options to the water flow that you prefer. Lastly, the faucet flow control for the small faucet you'll find at the back of the machine to easily wash your hands or the dishes.

We also love the fact that Hike Crew has included some outstanding safety measures. You'll find the high-temperature sensor which automatically lights the burner once the temperature falls below 113 degrees F and also automatically disables it once it reaches 125 degrees F. The water flow sensor also functions the same way by monitoring if there's enough water on your water source.

What we didn't like about the Hike Crew Portable Heated Camping Shower is that it's larger compared to its competitors which can be a hassle for families who have smaller cars. We also find the faucet inlet and outlet a bit short.

Best Backcountry Skis Comparison Table

FotoCaming Shower Power Source Heat Source Capacity Weight
Zodi Outback Gear Extreme SC Hot Water

1. Zodi Outback Gear Extreme SC Hot Water

Manual Hand PumpPropane Stove3 gallons11.8lbs
Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

2. Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

Foot PumpManual or Solar2.9 gallons1lb 5oz
Ivation Portable Camping Shower

3. Ivation Portable Camping Shower

Rechargeable Lithium Battery (included)N/AN/A20 ounces
Simple Shower Portable Camping Shower

4. Simple Shower Portable Camping Shower

N/AManual or Solar1 or 2-litersLess than an ounce
Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

5. Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

GravityManual or Solar2.6 gallons4.3oz
Reliance Outdoors Flow Pro Portable Shower

6. Reliance Outdoors Flow Pro Portable Shower

ManualManual2 gallons3.8lbs
Advanced Elements 5-Gallon Solar Powered Camping Shower

7. Advanced Elements 5-Gallon Solar Powered Camping Shower

GravityManual or Solar5 gallons13oz
KIPIDA Solar Camping Shower Bag

8. KIPIDA Solar Camping Shower Bag

GravitySolar5 gallons15.5oz
Intex Portable Solar Camping Shower

9. Intex Portable Solar Camping Shower

GravitySolar5 gallons8oz
Coleman H2Oasis Portable Shower

10. Coleman H2Oasis Portable Shower

Battery-PoweredInternal Electric5 gallons12.12 pounds
Camp Chef HWD5 Triton Water Heater

11. Camp Chef HWD5 Triton Water Heater

Battery-PoweredInternal ElectricN/A14.6 pounds
Mr. Heater Boss-XB13 Camping Shower

12. Mr. Heater Boss-XB13 Camping Shower

Battery-PoweredInternal ElectricN/A22 pounds
Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater & Shower Pump

13. Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater & Shower Pump

AC/DC or 12V Power AdapterPropane GasN/A13.2 pounds

How to Shower While Camping?

Let's all be honest, not everyone who goes camping takes shower every day. Just thinking about the cold breeze, cold water, and even colder temperatures at night, can leave someone covered with blankets and comforters inside their camping without ever touching the water.

If you're like us who's a junkie in self-cleaning, you'll literally find ways on how you can shower while you're out camping. Depending on the environment where you're at, the season you're out camping, and your personal way of staying hygienic, there are a number of ways on how you can clean yourself.


Sponge Bath

One of the easiest ways to do self-cleaning is doing a sponge bath. All you need is a bucket of water, a biodegradable soap, a sponge, or a towel, and you're all set to go. For a better experience, we suggest that you heat up the water that you're going to use first.

Once you have your ideal water, you can use the towel and soap to lather up. Depending on your preferences, you can take a full-body towel bath or just focus on the important parts like the groin area, armpits, face, arms, and knees.

It's important to take note that you need to be mindful of the water that you use when doing a sponge bath since you wouldn't want to run out of water in the middle of your soaping session.


River Bath

Just like what our ancestors used to do, taking a bath in the river is a proven and tested method to clean ourselves. Whether you want to strip down, take your undies with you or just dive into the water, you'll quickly feel refreshed and revived by the temperature of the water (no matter how cold or hot it is).

It's worth noting though that it's not advisable to use soap when you're doing a river bath as the water ends up in the waterway which can be harmful in the long run. Nevertheless, it's always fun and refreshing to wash in the river.


Backpacking Shower

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of camping showers in the market today. You can choose from a pump-powered shower, gravity-powered, or battery-operated. Some camp showers have the ability to heat up the water by using propane gas, solar, or by manually heating the water using a stove.

Before choosing a camping shower though, it's important for you to consider what type of camper you are, how many days are you going to be out, and how you prefer to clean yourself. This can help you determine if you need gallons of water while showering, the temperature that you prefer, and how it's going to be powered.

Some products have their own water bag which you can fill from any water source. The downside to this is that you'll have a limit to which water that you can use or you'll need to refill it again. Other products do not have the capacity to carry water which means you'll need to be close to your water source or you'll need a separate bucket.


How Long Does a 5-Gallon Shower Last?

To answer this question directly, it will depend on the machine or product that you're using to take a shower. But the typical run time of a 5-gallon to shower is about 2 minutes if the water runs continuously and you have a wide showerhead.

Considering the camping showers we've reviewed earlier, 5-gallon water can be a big difference in cleaning depending on what power source you use.

  • Gravity - Most gravity-powered camp showers can give you at least 7 minutes of shower time for 5-gallon water. 


  • Pump - There are either hand pumps or foot pumps in a camping shower, it would take at least 9 minutes for you to finish 5 gallons of water if you're using this kind of power source.


  • Battery - Like what we've mentioned earlier, it can take you at least 2 minutes to empty out a 5-gallon bucket of water if you choose to use a battery-operated shower.


Of course, that's not the only factor that you need to consider. You also have to look at the water pressure and the size of the hose and showerhead. By combining all of these, you can have an idea of the product that you're looking to buy has the bath time capacity that you prefer.


Final Thoughts

If you're looking to up your game in the field of camping, it's important that you consider how you and your family can take refreshing showers even when you're out in the woods. With this best camping showers guide, we hope that you find the perfect camp shower that's right for your camping style and bathing preferences.

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