Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas known as a natural reservation

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas known as a natural reservation

Unlike most parks, this one is located right in the middle of Hot Springs city. It's the oldest and the smallest National Park in the United States with a total of 5,550 acres, but size doesn't matter because its 47 natural pools of thermal waters make it one of the top camping places in the country. The natural hot waters here have been historically used for healing rituals with medicinal purposes by Native Americans, even though this hasn't been scientifically proved, people still enjoy taking baths and even drinking the waters to cleanse their bodies.

Activities and Highlights Hot Springs National Park

Also called "American Spa" or "Valley of the Vapors", the park is well known as a natural reservation to which people go to spend a relaxing and healing day in the mineral hot springs. Even with the hot waters being the park's main attraction, it's perfect to do other activities like hiking, horseback riding, paddling, or visiting tourist places inside the park with your family.

Bathhouse Row

Originally the park had 8 bathhouses known as the Bathhouse Row. To this day, they're decorated and preserved each one with its unique style and to serve a different purpose. Buckstaff and Quapaw are the only ones that still serve as a bathing house, they count with steam cabinets, whirlpool tubs, needle showers, and massage therapists to have a complete healing spa experience. Ozark was turned into the park's Cultural Center and Fordyce into the Visitor Center.

The Superior house was turned into what today is known as Superior Bathhouse Brewery. The beer they serve here is special and unique as it incorporates the hot thermal waters into the beers giving them a magic touch in their flavor. The remaining 3 bathhouses, Hale, Lamar, and Maurice, remain unused but you can still appreciate their architecture and how they light up the Bathhouse row.

Hike and sightsee

There are around 26 miles of hiking trails that have different loops and inner trails for a shorter hike. The most popular route is The Sunset Trail, traveling it will allow you to spot on one side the city and on the other one the mountains. So, besides packing your bathing suit, don't forget a pair of comfortable hiking shoes or a pair of strollers and stroll down the Grand Promenade.

Camping areas

The park is perfect for tent campers and RVers as it has a campground with camping sites and areas for both of them. It's called Gulpha Gorge and has a lot of amenities for campers. For starters, people love its proximity to other park attractions and the scenic view of the river they get when camping there.

Hot Springs National Park Camping areas

Camping during winter may get a little chilly as the park is located within the Ouachita Mountains, so make sure that you take a cozy sleeping bag and enough blankets for you to spend the night comfortably.

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