How Does a Pop Up Tent Work?

How Does a Pop Up Tent Work?

Published: Nov 11, 2020

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If you plan to go to a beach, conduct outdoor or indoor camping, a pop up tent will be the best partner for you. This type of tent is prominent due to its easy to setup features compared to other kinds of tent. It is user-friendly equipment but not that versatile.

In this article, we will let you have a look at how to set up, take down, and discuss the pros and cons you can encounter with this type of tent.


How Does a Pop Up Tent Work?

There are several types of tents that are commonly used by campers or hikers. One of these is the Pop-up Tent. Usually, other tents require you to exert more effort in the setting up process but with this kind of tent, we can say that you can erect and take it down easily in just a few seconds or minutes.

Now, how does pop up tent work?

The poles of pop up tents are built-in and are connected to its whole body. This is the key reason why it is easy to install. You don't need to attach anything in order to fully set it up. All you need to do is remove it from the locks or straps.

However, take note that there are some pop-up tents that are kind of hard to take down.

From our previous testing and evaluations, we encountered numerous designs of pop tents but the often versions are the ones with a solid frame and the other is with a definite shape. Both of them can be set up effortlessly. However, there are extra methods to fortify the installation of your tent and we will talk about this on the next topic of this article.

With such an advantage, we can say that the use of this type of tent is limited due to the structure but it still depends on the activity on where you are going to use it. We asked several users and typically, they use it on beach outings, backyard camping, and even indoors. Some say that they don't recommend using it camping in places with extreme weather conditions.

The ordinary camping tents have a different skeletal structure and setup. If we compare these two types, we can say that other tents for camping are sturdier and bears numerous features that you can't have with pop up.  We will talk about the pros and cons as we go on with our discussion.


How Do You Set Up a Pop Up Tent by Yourself?

Since we have stated that the setupup of pop tents is simple, there are still a few things that you need to remember and secure. Before you go on your adventure, make sure you pack up a tent, mallet, and tent pegs or hooks.

Although you can look for some alternative materials for the setup it is better to bring a complete set. However, there are types of pop tents that don't require you to lock it down on the ground so check it with the manufacturer first.

You can easily set up a pop-up tent by removing it from the storage bag and unlocking the straps. The tent will automatically set up or shape on its own after you stretch it out.


Now let's go on how to set up this kind of tent:


  • Remove the locks or straps from the body of the folded tent.
  • Throw the unfolded tent upwards until it pops up showing its whole setup
  • Put it in the ground
  • If your pop up tent requires you to pin it on the ground, please follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to prevent any harmful effects that may damage the tent.


But if you are looking for a pop-up tent that you can use for camping and has a more durable foundation, we recommend Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent. This is our best pick of pop up cabin tent on the list of our reviews.

The set up of Coleman Instant Cabin Tent is different from the standard pop up tent. There are pre-attached poles that work as a leg and the frame in which you just need to extend the legs and also, expand the frame.

From our understanding, there are hybrid types of pop up tents just like this Coleman tent. There are also dome tents that are also structured to be pop up.


How Do You Take Down a Pop Up Tent?

As we already mentioned that there are different types of pop up tents, we will be discussing the takedown methods of the standard version first then the Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent. We chose one product which is from our best pop up tent review since other hybrid pop-up tents have similar ways to dismantle it.

To take down a pop up tent, you need to compress first the roof parts. You can easily distinguish where to fold because that is where the inner poles are sewn. After that, proceed to fold the side parts together with the compressed roof until you can form a semicircle shape.

From that semicircle form, compress and fold down the side parts and press to deflate the inflated area. It will form into two twin circles in which you have to stuff it into one part then you can pack it inside the storage bag.

For the Coleman Instant Cabin tent, you need to unlock the pop-up locks of the poles to shrink it from the original shape. When you are done with all of the poles, the body of the tent will be flattened and that is the time where you should fold the corners going in the inner direction of the flattened tent. Hold the four-leg poles then lay it down sideways. Roll it until the inflated area will be collapse then pack it up in the storage bag.

We advise you to double-check to the manufacturer the type and setup of the tent you plan to buy because you may expect that a certain tent is a pop-up but end up on the wrong type.  From our experience, we conclude that all of the pop-up tents are easy to set up wherein, it does not require you a companion to erect it. 


Are Pop Up Tents Any Good? The Pros and Cons of a Pop-Up Tent


Pop tents have several advantages and disadvantages. They are easy to set up and can be taken down for a few minutes but in a complex method. You can install it without the help of another person and does not require other equipment to establish it. 


This is a recommended tent for newbie campers and kids. It can also be utilized for other events however this is a bulky material with less comfort. Another thing we discovered is you cannot fix it if the internal poles break down. 


The key feature that we have seen in this tent is easy to set up attribute. Bear in mind that the use has limitations and restrictions from the activities you plan to employ. 


Let's have a bit of discussion of its pros and cons on the following:


  • They are quick to set up but hard to take down. As what we talk about in the setup section of this article, this is totally effortless to erect but when you fold it, there are several steps you should follow to pack it.


  • You don't need to bring other equipment for setup. Some tents require you to bring mallets and locks to install the tent but with pop up tents, it is structured with an instant set up.


  • Recommended for newbie and safe for kids. Since it is easy to set up, you will not be confused about how to use it. The design is also safe for kids who want to use it indoors to play because the poles are sewn inside the fabric of the tent.


  • Bulky and heavy. Most of the folded version of this tent is indeed huge and even the smaller size ones are still heavy.


  • Less ventilation. Not all of it but the standard style has fewer mesh panels.


  • Not appropriate for places with intense weather. The structure says it all. There is no solid foundation aside from the flooring. The materials used don't possess weatherproofing which results to restrict you from using it in extreme weather.


  • Hard to fix. The poles are implanted on the fabric and it is commonly, it is impossible for you to repair it or look for some alternative replacements.


Final Thoughts

Pop up tents are best for light and temporary use. We find a lot of faults and restraints on its features due to the easy and less sturdy materials used but if you utilize it in proper places where it can withstand the surroundings and weather, we can say that you can enjoy it and will come in handy. This is the easiest type of tent to set up that you can do it alone in a few seconds. And we would like to remark that there are hybrid pop-up tents which are capable of fierce camping.

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