How Much Water for Camping Shower?

How Much Water for Camping Shower?

Published: Nov 05, 2020

The maximum amount of water that a camping shower can hold reaches up to 5 gallons only. The showerhead capacity and water pump power substantially influence how fast the water will be entirely discarded. We suggest you learn about the feature and specs of your shower to know its capacity.

In this article, we will be discussing the definition of GPM, the amount of water you can use for a certain length of time for a shower, and how you can save water during your camping escapade.


How Does GMP Affect Your Shower?

Before we proceed in tackling the amount of water you can use for a specific time, let's discuss first the definition of Gallons Per Minute (GPM). This measures the amount of water flow of your shower in each gallon for 1 minute. It is a factor that will give you an idea of the flowability of your showerheads.

For example, in 10 minutes, there is a total of 25 gallons that can be provided by a shower with accustomed GPM while those showerheads with the weak flow can consume 18 gallons in the same time span. The standard structure for showers is 2.5 GPM and 1.5 GPM for washing dishes. But, this is tested only in the shower in houses.

From our experience, the lower the GPM, the huge chance to conserve water. In the situation of camping, a 1.3 GPM showerhead is already feasible for your needs.

Let's proceed to the amount of water you can use with camping showers.


How Much Water Does a 10 Minute Shower Use?

If you are planning to go camping, there are things you need to prioritize. One of these is the amount of water you are going to use. Usually, we bring water for us to utilize when we are camping since we can't really assure the place if there is a nearby river or lake around the vicinity.

To clarify since we said “shower” then this involves equipment mainly for camping use however, this can also be applied on your beach and other outdoor activities. You can also check our reviews of the Best Camping Showers in 2021 as it may suit your needs in this area.

Be cautious if you want to bring these kinds of gear because some of it requires you to spare spaces inside your backpack which may increase its weight.

Now, let's talk about the amount of water you can possibly use in a span of 10 minutes. Based on the experience of our campers, they need a minimum of 30 gallons of water for constant water to achieve a complete shower in the said length of time. However, bear in mind that this is still dependent on the shower's flow or GPM.


Showerhead and Bath Time

There are different types and sizes of showerheads. Some of it can be adjusted into strong or weak sprinkle action but there are showers that don't possess this feature. According to our campers, they estimated to utilize about 2 to 3 gallons every 60 seconds and they are using a small showerhead with low flow.

So if we compare this to the shower you have at home from what we have mentioned earlier, a normal capacity for a complete bath also reaches a total of 30 gallons in a 10-minute shower. This is just similar to the amount of water you can use for camping.


How Much Water Does a 20 Minute Shower Use?

Since we have mentioned that a 10-minute shower can utilize about 30 gallons then if we are going to extend the minutes to use the shower then we'll just need to multiply the gallons of water. Take note that we only based this on our experience and there is a proper measurement for the GPM but let's take it in an easy way.

The total possible amount of water that we need for a 20-minute shower is around 60 gallons. This measurement is also similar to the shower you use at home. It sounds like you certainly need to bring huge containers or tanks for you to achieve the full shower.

What we can conclude is that you may not be able to have a complete shower if you are going on a camping trip. Most of the portable shower equipment cannot hold more than 10 gallons so the main purpose of this is for modest cleaning only.

Conserving your water during your outdoor activities is what we advise you to practice. You can only bring a limited amount of water when camping and if you are transporting your equipment with a vehicle, then that's another story. Yes, you can bring more water in that instance.


How to Save Water When Camping

In this area, we can say that you can apply this on dry camping or with your recreational van (RV). You don't have any electric or water connection in this type of camping. So, you really need to save water especially if you are going to camp for more than a day.


How to conserve water in this camping?


  • Bath. We suggest you use a cloth to wipe your body for cleaning. You won't be using much water in this method. Change your showerhead into low flow ones. It can help you to reduce the use of water. Use dry shampoo so that you don't need to rinse it off with water.


  • Kitchen. You should bring clean water like bottled water or water in containers. Although you have water in your RV, we can say that this is indeed not advisable for you to consume. It can make your drinking water and cook better than using the water in the RV tank. We also recommend you use disposable utensils and plates so that you don't need to clean it and just throw it but if ever you have some dishes to wash, use a basin tub. You can use the water for your toilet after.


  • Gather waste or gray water. After you wash something, be sure to gather it on any container. This wastewater can be used for toilet flushing.


  • Bring a hygiene kit. Using alcohol, wipes, tissue, and sanitizer will cease you from cleaning your hands with water. Using alcohol in such situations is somehow equal to washing your hands which is also another great way to save water.


  • Use spray bottles. Aside from your shower, you can use spray bottles for cleaning. The only thing about showers is that you are not allowed to bring it anywhere so spray bottles will work as your portable shower.


Plastic wares or disposable materials are the most suggested stuff to gear up for this activity. Going out with limited water requires you to save it for future use. Biodegradable soaps are also recommended so that the wastewater you gather up while using this can be used to clean the bathroom area of your RV van.

Lastly, ensure the water connection that is connected to your tank because a small leak can result to deplete all of the reserved water.


Final Thoughts

Water is the most essential substance that humans need. Apart from the advantages that you can get with our discussion, this is also a considerable way to conserve water. Just like what we said, you cannot bring tons of water or tanks with your vehicle or carry it around with your backpacks though you can have a water tank in an RV van.

The amount of water you use will affect the number of days that you will spend on the roads or during your camping activity. It is safe to prevent the careless utilization of water because it may be consumed completely before you end your camping and that is a red flag so be vigilant in this part of your need.

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