Tricks to Make a Comfy Camping Tent

Tricks to Make a Comfy Camping Tent

Published: Nov 10, 2020

Comfortable camping will result in unforgettable memories and experience together with your companion. But how can we achieve this aspect if we are planning to camp? We have researched and tried the tricks and hacks we will discuss to assist you based on our experiences. 


For a comfortable camping experience, we advise you to darken your tent by putting a layer to create a dark room, use an eye mask, choose a dark-colored tent, look for a shady place, and pick tents with Dark Room Technology. You should also follow tricks to create a comfortable tent and hacks to improve your camping trip. 


Easy Ways to Darken Your Tent

To darken your tent, you can put some sheets for darkroom features, use an eye mask, choose a dark-colored tent, look for a darker location, and pick tents with darkroom technology. The blackout method contributes a lot to your relaxation measures. With much light, some people find it hard to sleep but with a black room, all of us can rest properly. Let's discuss these steps below:


  • Put up some layer for dark room

Looking for some other medium to blackout your tent is a way to darken your tent. This is a method to prevent striking sunlight to be visible inside. Although this might sound that you really need to exert an extra effort in order for you to achieve this, we can ensure you that your relaxation with black surroundings will contribute a lot compared to laying down with striking sunlight.

The tents sold in the market contain a variety of colors which are considered to be a driver to allow the sunlight on the internal area of the tent. It happens because reflective colors tend to intensify the sun's luminosity. Buying some pad or fabric for the blackout will hamper this to happen. You can place this on the flooring of the tent or on the roof parts.

The blackout material will work as a barricade for the possible entrance of sunlight inside the tent. To summarize, it is similar to transforming the light-colored tents into black or dark versions. These materials will take in the light to infiltrate your tent.


  • Use an Eye Mask

The easiest way to combat the sunlight is to use an eye mask. This is the material that will help you to stop the evident sunlight from reflecting on you. There are also some advantages if you choose this method.

Aside from the blocking of light to strike in your face, this will also give your companion the freedom to wake up earlier if they like to. Using some black pad or fabric for a darker feature will cover the whole parts of the tent which may be disliked by your fellow camper. So if you want to have a total blackout on your own, then you can consider this one.


  • Choose a dark-colored tent

Obviously, if you know that you are the kind of person who always wakes up late with the sun already appearing, then you should choose a dark or black colored tent. You don't need to give some added effort for you to make your tent darker in this way because your tent is indeed dark already. But if you are going to choose, you need to know that the instances that may not suit your overall camping experience.

Yes, using black or dark tents is perfect to resist the light access inside. However, this is only usable in one way. Why? At night, these types of colors are warmer than the lighter shades. Light colors make the user cool when sleeping at night which is a recommendable aspect.

On the other hand, there are black tents that will surely solve your problems. We advise that you check the spec of a certain product then read user reviews to know if such equipment is effective and fit your ideal requirements.


  • Look for a shady place

Another technique to darken your tent is to look for a location with less sunlight. If you position your tent in a place where light is dominant then for sure, the internal part of your tent will be bright but if you look for a shady site to install it, you can guarantee a minor entry of light in the room.

Let's say you want to rest while the sun is still up there however, your tent possesses a light color.  We suggest you find a place where there are trees that can cover the roof of your tent. With such, you can ensure that there will be less light to reflect on the inside. Just to clarify, this mechanism will not provide you a total blackout of your tent but only, to alleviate the brightness surrounding your tent.


  • Pick tents with Dark Room Technology

When we were in midst of our evaluation of the different tents, we found out that there are manufacturers who engineered their tent with so-called Dark Room Technology. One of the known companies who use this is Coleman. Now, what is this technology?

This unique feature that they use blocks about 90 percent of sunlight and decreases the temperature inside the tent. What we like about this is the fact that you don't need to improvise something just to achieve this technology. It was created mainly for that key reason. This is one of the recommended products we have reviewed. You may want to check our assessments about the Coleman tents that bear this attribute.


Effective Tricks to Creating a Comfortable Camping Tent

There are several tricks to create a comfortable camping tent and these are to choose the right camping spot, bring some supplementary sleeping gears, camping or outdoor chairs, and extra sleeping pads to warm your camping mattress. Another is to practice proper hygiene and beware of insects as it can interrupt you from resting. 

These are effective techniques we have discovered from the experience of our campers. We will elaborate on these in the following discussions:


  • Choose the right camping spot

The first inquiry you should consider to assure the comfort of your camping tent is to look for a proper site to set up your tent. You should consider what kind of adventure you are going on and a bit of background on what the place looks like.

The ground surface also makes a huge contribution to the comfortability of your tent. By knowing it, you will have an idea of what to bring to make it cozy for relaxation purposes.


  •  Bring some supplementary gears for sleeping

In this area, you have to observe what are the things that you need to pack before you proceed on your camping escapade. Since we have mentioned the use of eye masks in the first part of this article, we suggest you find gears and equipment to complement your rest at night.

We all agree that nothing can beat a good night's sleep to charge up for the activities that will come on the following day. Tents, sleeping mats or cots, and pillows are a few materials that can help you to build that snug relaxation.

We recommend you to read our How To Make Your Camping Mattress Comfortable article for some other tips. We really advise you to wisely choose the equipment with numerous advantages before you buy it. Also, read some reviews to know what are the user's comments about certain products.


  • Extra sleeping pads to warm your camping mattress

Aside from bringing your sleeping mattress and pillows, we advise you to bring extra pads to thicken the back parts of your sleeping mats. Nighttime usually has a cold temperature which will seriously affect the ground surface where you place your mats.

So you better be prepared when you are packing if you know that the place has a cold condition to make it warmer than the usual. This will make your sleep comfortable and avoid trembling with the cold grounds that may lead you to sickness.

Remember that camping is for enjoyment and unwinding purposes. Our main topic in How To Make Your Camping Mattress Comfortable article talks about several tips and suggestions. You can check it out.


  • Bring a camping or outdoor chair

Bring a camping chair. Simple suggestion but makes a big impact if you are having a campfire at night before you sleep. Although there are camping chairs that you can't put inside your tent, we can say that it will bring you a comfortable rest if you still don't want to lay down.

How you install your tent is somehow similar to the setup inside your house. There are beds and chairs to choose from if you are tired or just want to eat. You can check our review of the different camping or outdoor chairs that may suit your needs.


  • Practice proper hygiene and beware of insects

Most of the tents we have reviewed have this feature to ward off or to avoid the insects from entering the inner vicinity of your tent but if your tent doesn't have this ability then it is best to bring some insect spray to eliminate these.

Also, to prepare for cleaning up, we advise you to pack up a portable camping shower. There are showers that you can pack that can hold a total of 5 gallons of water amount. We recommend you to read our How Much Water for Camping Shower? and How Do Camping Showers Work? articles as we discuss some tips that may help you with the hygienic methods by using portable showers when camping.


Hacks to Improve Your Camping Trip

Several hacks to improve your camping trip we will discuss includes the warming up of your sleeping bag, improvising a lamp, using garbage bags for dry clothes, rubbing candles for zipper repair, utilizing plastic utensils, and using bread tags as clothing tweezers.

We also advise you to pack up some matches and alcohol and light up some sage for mosquitoes.  Lastly, you can mix your food ingredients ahead before you go on camping.

These hacks are useful especially if you forget to bring the stuff for your camping. We choose the frequently used and possible needs of a camper during their adventure. So let's check them below:


  • Warm-up with a hot bottle, socks, and extra clothes

In order to warm up your sleeping mattress, you can fill a tumbler with hot water then place it in your bed. This is just a simple hack that you can apply in a place that lacks electricity and shelter. You can also use your extra clothes to make your sleeping bag thicker. Also, separate socks for sleeping to avoid cold feet.


  • Makeshift lamp to light up

To light up your night, we suggest you use your lamp then put a transparent water bottle or jug on top of it. I personally do this inside my room at home sometimes because it spread the light from the lamp which has only one direction. It is an amazing hack that you should also try and very helpful improvisation.


  • Garbage bag for dry apparel

Plastic and garbage bags don't absorb water. They are just the best example of waterproof materials. So if you put your dry things inside, you will not be anxious if they will be wet under the rain because you already covered it with plastic. In this situation, your garbage bag will serve as your waste sack and waterproofing material at the same time.


  • Bring some silica gel

This material is useful for your camping cookware. It helps to prevent the formation of rust if you will be on several days of camping so pack some silica gel and put it inside your cookware.


  • Candles for zipper repair

This hack is used by some of the people who don't have any zipper lubricant to fix it. As for us, we tried this hack together with our campers and it actually worked. Just rub the candle to the surface of the zipper then you're off to repair it.


  • Use plastic utensils

Aside from the lightweight features, you can conserve water from cleaning your utensils if you bring stainless versions. With plastic utensils, you can just dispose of it and reserve your packed water for other purposes.


  • Pack up some matches and alcohol

Bring some matches to create fire. Clearly, it is because isolated places don't provide an instant fire if you want it. So if you are in the middle of the forest, you can create a fire without struggling. Bring some alcohol as can help to start the fire.


  • Bread tag as clothing tweezers

If you think the bread tag has only one purpose, our answer is no. If you brought some bread or even collected some bread tags, this can be utilized as a clothing tweezer if you want to dry your clothes.


  • Lit up some sage for mosquitoes

If you forgot to bring some insect or specifically mosquito repellent then you can burn sage to prevent the mosquitoes. Places for camping are commonly known to have a lot of mosquitoes so to repel them will help you to avoid adapting to illness caused by their bites.


  • Mixed the food ingredients ahead

If you are having trouble with the space in your backpack, we suggest you lessen the stuff you place on it. Mixing your food with the ingredients then packing it in your tumbler or bottle will contribute to extra space in your bag.

But be reminded, not all of the food that is required to be cooked can be mixed and stored. For example, you can apply this technique to your eggs.


Final Thoughts

Being prepared before you proceed camping a key guide you need to remember in this type of activity. Even though you know some hacks to improvise the things you lack to bring during your backpacking, it will not cover all of the equipment you are going to use.

You should be attentive on your camping checklist and focus on the essential gear you should pack. Following the guide we have discussed will help you to cope with the struggles that may be encountered by the newbie campers. If you have completely stuffed that equipment in your backpack, then we can say that you will have a remarkable camping experience.

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