What Should I Keep in My Fanny Packs?

What Should I Keep  in My Fanny Packs?

Published: Nov 26, 2020

Hiking or engaging in several outdoor activities are literally exhausting. That will add up if you bring your bags or backpack even if you are just going out for a short moment. The best option you can choose is wearing a fanny pack. Fanny packs are portable belt pouches that help you to carry small items.

To know what you should keep on your fanny packs, you need to examine first the build, size, pockets, and straps. You should also pack the most essential things and have a bit of knowledge on the ideal uses of this pack. We'll be talking about these on the following topics.

What to Look for in a Fanny Pack to Hold All Your Essentials

There are several designs and sizes which may suit your taste and needs. Some users are meticulous in terms of the pack's features which are indeed needed if you are planning to buy one.

What characteristics do you need to look for a fanny pack? You should check its build, size, pockets, and straps. We enumerated these key features on the following:


  • Built


The materials used by the manufacturer to make fanny packs are essential to examine. If you are going to use it for outdoor activities especially hiking, then we recommend you to look for packs that are waterproof or water-resistant since you will be traveling to places with unpredictable weather.


This goes also for biking. Having this kind of feature for your pack is an advantage. For sports events, you can choose the plastic-made packs while for daily use you can select the commonly used fabric fanny packs either silky or satin.

  • Size

Of course, this is an important thing you should consider in choosing your fanny pack. You don't need larger sizes of packs if you are just going to bring small essentials. Think of the stuff you will pack and what occasion you are going to.

For activities that require you to carry many items like hiking, camping, or trekking, you need a larger pack and if you are just going to casual travel or walk, then choose the smaller sizes.


  • Pockets


More compartments mean better organization. In packing various things, it is advisable to select fanny packs with many pockets because you can separate the most used things and the slightly utilized stuff. This is best for hiking and camping. For casual occasions, you can choose packs with one or two compartments.


  • Straps


Almost all of the fanny packs are designed to have an adjustable strap which is great as you can style how you use it. The usual style is hanging it around the waist or side. Some are wearing it a cross-body style which is accessible for you. It depends on your approach too.


What to Put in My Fanny Pack?


Now that you are able to choose the perfect fit of fanny pack for you, let's discuss the important things you should consider to stuff inside. The essential things to put in your fanny packs are snacks, phone, camera, money, maps, medicine, first aid kits, knife, and alcohol of sanitizers, earphones, lighter, flashlight, and keys.


Why do you need these items? We'll elaborate on the following:


  1. Snacks

Food is important. If going on a travel, it is better to pack some easy snacks that you can eat on your way. That can boost your strength without cooking and preparing complicated equipment.


  1. Phone

In this generation, we use the phone as a primary mode of communication so, it's the best way to bring your phone by inserting it on your pack.


  1. Camera

Capture the moments while you are at it. This is the best way to preserve the memory.


  1. Chapstick

This is recommended when engaging in activities under the heat as it will make your lips dry and crack.


  1. Money

Another essential thing you should bring. You can't buy your needs if you don't have money.


  1. Maps

In camping or hiking, it is recommended to have a glimpse of the whole place in your hands. That will prevent you from being lost.


  1. First Aid or Medicine

We don't know what will happen in the midst of our walks or adventure. It's better to be ready. 


  1. Knife

For survival matters, a knife is the best compliment. You can use it to protect yourself in the middle of the woods and use it to hunt.


  1. Hand Sanitizer or alcohol

Of course, it's always important to practice proper hygiene so pack an alcohol or hand sanitizer with you.


  1. Lighter

This can be used to create an easy fire when camping out.


  1. Sunscreen

UV rays when traveling have harmful effects so you should always pack some of these when hiking.


  1. Flashlight

Pack a flashlight or headlamps to have a visual in dark places or night travel.


  1. Keys

You can carry your vehicle keys without worrying about losing them by inserting them into a fanny pack.


  1. Headphones

Not really important for camping but you can put it in your pack just to make sure that you don't get bored.


Ideal Uses of Fanny Packs When Hiking


In terms of hiking, a fanny pack is a good combination to use as it will allow you to access essential stuff you are most likely to use while traveling. It's hard to reach your backpack especially in complicated surroundings of intense weather. Wearing this gear is an advantage for every hiker to prioritize things.


The most ideal use of a fanny pack when hiking is wearing it around your waist. This is if you are going on a day hiking or steady weather.  Another thing is to use it to pack your water but there are limits for this as it depends on the length of time you are hiking. You'll be needing lots of water on long adventures.


Downsides of these packs are the capacity to carry water. If you know that you'll hike for the whole day then don't bring large-sized fanny packs instead of the smaller ones. Always consider the temperature, the place, and the time before considering to bring this pack.




Fanny packs are the portable version of bags so you can pack smaller stuff and essentials. When hiking, this is recommended equipment you can wear if you want to have an accessible pocket for your needed materials but we advise you to contemplate the salient things whether to bring large or small sizes.

More compartments allow you to arrange your things however, for casual occasions, you can just choose those packs with two pockets. Prioritize also the items you should put inside the pack because it is compact.

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